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Freeze Block Technology: Solving the Freeze Damaged Coil Epidemic

Sick of boring long webinars? Us too! Join us for a mini session on Freeze Block Technology.

Freeze-damaged coils are the leading cause of premature HVAC coil failure, Cooney Engineered Solutions’ patented Freeze Block Technology is helping to save HVAC coils across North America from freeze damage. 

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Outside Air: Is Your Facility Prepared to Face the Freeze?

Ventilation and increased use of outside air is ASHRAE’s top COVID-19 strategy for improving indoor air quality in commercial buildings.

Learn more about outside air and how you can save yourself from headaches this winter — we know 2020 has been rough enough already

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Cooney Thermo-Pack Micro Webinar

Join us for a mini session on the latest in heat transfer technology, shell & coil heat packaged heat exchanger skids.

Old technology such as shell and tube heat exchangers have a large footprint and take up valuable space in congested mechanical rooms. Learn why facilities are replacing them with ultra-high efficiency vertical packaged heat exchanger skids.

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Efficient Steam Het Exchanger Solutions: Cooney Thermo-Pack

Learn about the Cooney Thermo-Pack and why many customers are making the switch from shell & tube heat exchangers.

We’re talking about the Cooney Thermo-Pack! This will be a 10-minute informational session followed by an interactive open discussion where you can ask our experts and Frank Perry from Cornell University any questions you may have.

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*INTERNAL USE ONLY* On-demand rep training webinars great for onboarding new employees or quick refresher.

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